Seoul Korean BBQ & Hot Pot makes Best Korean in the Westword’s 2023 Best of Denver

April 12th, 2023

Westword’s BEST OF DENVER® 2023

Did we hallucinate the last three years? Consume too many ‘shrooms in anticipation of the passage of Proposition 122? However we did it, Denver survived and emerged on the other side, and now it’s time to celebrate this city. The Best of Denver 2023 is packed with old standbys that survived as well as smart newcomers that popped up like, well, magic mushrooms; they all add up to show why we’re so high on the Mile High City.

Below are all of this year’s editors’ picks. Be sure to also check out the full list of readers’ picks.

Molly Martin

Seoul K-BBQ & Hot Pot sports two delicious, quintessentially Korean dining experiences, with the left side of the restaurant dedicated to all-you-can-eat hot pot and the right devoted to Korean barbecue. On the hot pot side, diners select a base broth and meats before selecting ingredients from the vast buffet of options. From noodles to vegetables to spices and, of course, kimchi, the possibilities are endless. For barbecue, bring a group and go for one of the combinations that includes a smattering of banchan, along with soup and the choice of beer or soju.

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