$20,000 Check to Pickens Tech Delivered to Support the Havana Motor Mile Tool Incentive Workforce Program

February 9th, 2022

In early February 2022, Chance Horiuchi, Executive Director, for On Havana Street, delivered the $20,000 check to Rolf Werner and Ed Martin at Pickens Technical College to order tools and chests for the upcoming year’s Havana Motor Mile Tool Incentive Workforce Program.

Learn More about Pickens Technical College’s Automotive Technology Program Here

The Automotive Technology Program provides students with the needed skills and attitudes for successful entry into an automotive servicing career. This well paying field has many opportunities for employment because historically there have been few new technicians entering the field. Pickens not only teaches students how to fix a car; but also how to go out and get a job after completing school. The Pickens automotive shop has all of the latest equipment so students are not learning on outdated tools.

Later in March 2022, we will be announcing the names of the six to eight Pickens Technical Center’s Automotive Technician Program graduates who will be hired to work in shops in the Havana Motor Mile.  These students will also receive a Snap-On Tool package including a compact split lid cart full of auto mechanic tools (pictured) to use on the job.

This is our Havana Motor Mile Tool Incentive Program created to address the severe shortage of auto technicians and encourage newly trained technicians from Pickens to fill job vacancies in the Havana Motor Mile shops.

Automotive technicians are required to have their own tools to use on the job.  Right out of school, it is often difficult for newly graduated auto techs to afford the basic tools required.  Receiving a complete Snap-On Tool package is a dream come true for a new auto tech.

The Havana Motor Mile/Havana BID contributed $20,000 from our 2022 operating budget to fund this tool incentive program.  Snap-On Tools worked with us and Pickens to give us a great deal on the tool packages.

If the student awarded the tools stays on the job in the Havana Motor Mile shop for two years, they get to keep the tool package.  If they leave employment before the two year mark, then the tool package goes back to Pickens to be awarded to a future student employed in a Havana Motor Mile shop as part of this tool incentive program.  This great new program was created by the service managers and shop owners in the Havana Motor Mile.

Contact Rolf Werner, Master AAM ~ ASE Master, Pickens Technical College at [email protected] if your Havana Motor Mile business is interested in hiring a Pickens Tech student graduating in March 2022.