Do Your Part--Responsibly Dispose of Your Old Electronic Equipment

2016 Earth Day Electronic Recycling Event: April 23, 2016

April 5th, 2016

Earth Day Electronic Recycling Event

(No document shredding at this event.  See the Events Page  for free shredding options at Curbside, Inc. in June and October for Aurora residents.)

When:  Saturday, April 23, 2016

What time: 12 pm – 3 pm

Where:   The Waterpark Office building big parking lot, 2530 S Havana Street, Aurora CO  80014 (NE corner of Parker Road and Havana, just south of Olive Garden and SE of The Stampede.
Cost:  See below for details

Entercom Denver’s 6 stations are sponsoring this free audio and visual recycling event which is hosted and produced by On Havana Street.  Techno+Rescue is our electronic recycling partner.

Consider this a final celebration, good-bye and send off to your old electronic equipment…and “hello” to a chance to win an HD radio and tickets to an upcoming concert!  (More details coming soon)

Entercom Denver is in the business of “sound”–entertainment and content, so why not celebrate the equipment that we all grew up on and give it a proper send off, in style!  Entercom Denver will be rewarding you for participating in the responsible disposal of outdated electronic equipment by providing a chance to win an HD radio and tickets to an upcoming concert (more details coming soon).

What items can be recycled for Free:  Questions–Call Techno Rescue at 303-482-2207  NO DOCUMENT SHREDDING.


(We do not accept paint, batteries or tires)

Techno+Rescue is a Veteran-owned and operated Colorado full-service Green IT company.  They will have their “Green Team” and trucks in the parking lot at The Stampede.  They will quickly unload your vehicle and safely recycle your old electronic devices domestically here in the States.  Their motto is “Reuse, Recover, Recycle.”  Properly and responsibly recycling electronic equipment is very important.  By keeping electronics out of landfills, responsible recycling reduces energy demand from mining and manufacturing.  Older TV’S and computers typically contain about 4-7 lbs of lead which is toxic and can cause cancer and reproductive disorders.  We even accept those big old rear-projection TVs at this event.