2022 City of Aurora Fireworks Sales & Monitoring Fire Ban Conditions

June 27th, 2022

The process in the city of Aurora for allowing fireworks sales and monitoring fire ban conditions is as follows:

Section 66-34 of the municipal code allows for certain types of fireworks to be used in our city from June 15 through July 4 each year, depending on the status of fire restrictions

Aurora Fire Rescue uses 3 nationally recognized, scientific, metrics that take climate and weather conditions to determine the fire restrictions in the city

At this time only 2 of the 3 metrics meet the criteria for increasing fire restrictions, the metrics as of June 27 are:

All fireworks vendors sites are inspected according to the 2021 International Fire Code and municipal code to ensure only permissible fireworks are sold.

The city of Aurora does not allow any fireworks that explode or leave the ground to be sold or used

From July 1-July 5 extra AFR and APD patrols operate to provide for a safe community during the fireworks season

AFR deploys more wildland resources during red flag days (high wind) as well as during the fireworks season

Current fire ban stages for the city of Aurora and our neighbors:

This communication is an overview of how the City of Aurora and Aurora Fire Rescue uses information and allocates resources to provide the community a safe Independence Holiday season

Steven Wright

Commander Aurora Fire Rescue

Investigations and Inspections Division


[email protected]

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