25 best cities to live in if you want to keep your New Year’s resolutions by Travel + Leisure

January 10th, 2020

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JANUARY 05, 2020

Depending on where you live, keeping your New Year’s resolutions might be
easier than you think.
House Method ranked the 100 largest cities in the US on four of the most
common New Year’s resolutions — exercise, healthy eating, saving money, and
reducing stress.

Scottsdale, Arizona, is the best place to live if you want to keep your New Year’s
resolutions, with high marks for its healthy food options and affordability. The
No. 1 city for eating healthy and reducing stress was Anaheim, California, while
Plano, Texas, ranked rst for saving money.

Here are the top 25 US cities that are best for keeping New Year’s resolutions.

25. Saint Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota, might not be great for healthy eating (No. 58) or exercise
(No. 44), but the city ranked well for reducing stress and saving money.

24. Garland, Texas
Garland, Texas, ranked highly for healthy eating — it came in as the seventh-best
city overall for this category.

23. San Jose, California
San Jose, California, ranked No. 16 for exercise, but only ranked No. 63 for
saving money.

22. Albuquerque, New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico, ranked in the bottom 50 cities for exercise but came
in at No. 26 for saving money.

21. Lincoln, Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska, ranked relatively high for both saving money and reducing
stress. The city ranked as No. 21 and No. 14 for each category, respectively.

20. St. Petersburg, Florida
St. Petersburg, Florida, ranked No. 25 for saving money, No. 30 for eating
healthy, and No. 49 for exercise.

19. Chula Vista, California
3/5 Chula Vista, California, came in at No. 12 for healthy eating.

18. Gilbert, Arizona
Gilbert, Arizona, ranked as the second-best city for saving money and the eighthbest city for healthy eating. However, the city ranked No. 69 for exercise.

17. Seattle, Washington
With its gorgeous hiking trails and relaxed lifestyle, it may come as no surprise
that Seattle, Washington, ranked fth for exercise and eighth for reducing stress.

16. Mesa, Arizona
Mesa, Arizona’s highest ranking was for healthy eating, coming in at No. 11

15. Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia, ranked as No. 22 for exercise and No. 31 for healthy eating.

14. Chandler, Arizona
Chandler, Arizona, ranked third for saving money. The city also ranked highly for
healthy eating, coming in ninth overall.

13. Santa Ana, California
Santa Ana ranked as the fth-best city for healthy eating. The California city also
ranked highly for exercise and saving money, but dropped in the nal ranking
due to its high cost of living — the city ranked as No. 86 for saving money.

12. Glendale, Arizona
Glendale, Arizona ranked 10th for healthy eating. The city ranked lower for
exercise and saving money, coming in at No. 47 and No. 49, respectively.

11. Boise, Idaho
Boise, Idaho, fell square in the middle at No. 50 for exercise opportunities. The
city ranked higher for healthy eating, coming in at No. 14.

10. Plano, Texas
Plano, Texas, came in rst in the nation for its affordability, allowing its residents
to keep their resolutions of saving money.

9. Irvine, California
Irvine, California, ranked in the top 10 cities for both eating healthy and reducing
stress. However, it was ranked among the least opportune for saving money, at
No. 81.

8. Irving, Texas
Irving, Texas, came in fourth for eating healthy and fth for saving money.

7. Aurora, Colorado
Aurora, Colorado, ranked at No. 9 for reducing stress.

6. Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado, with its health-focused lifestyle and incredible mountain
ranges, ranked as No. 11 for exercise and reducing stress.

5. Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota, ranked sixth for reducing stress, but the Midwestern
city only landed at No. 41 for eating healthy.

4. Anaheim, California
Anaheim, California, was the highest-ranked city from California. It was ranked
rst in the nation for eating healthy and reducing stress.

3. Jersey City, New Jersey
Jersey City, New Jersey, ranked highly for exercise (sixth), eating healthy (third),
and reducing stress (third). However, the city only ranked at No. 71 for saving

2. Madison, Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin, ranked seventh for reducing stress.

1. Scottsdale, Arizona
Scottsdale, Arizona, came in rst in the nation overall for being most likely to
allow its residents to keep their New Year’s resolutions. The city ranked second
in healthy eating and sixth in saving money