A gigantic sculpture completed with sculpture, artist Suhyeon Jo’s ‘Infinity’ will meet with viewers at the main gate of M Mart from Friday, October 9th.

October 10th, 2020

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On the morning of Friday, October 9, a new striking sculpture caught the attention of visitors at the front door of M Mart (Midopa Mart), a Korean grocery store on Havana Road, Aurora City. Adopted by the excellent work of all the art works installed morning of Mr. Pitcher (Art2C) program in Havana street (OnHavanaStreet) is artist josuhyeon Mr. (Su Kaiden Cho) is a work of installation art. Installation art is an art that expresses the shape of a visible object by stopping it in a predetermined space by a certain physical expression material. It is also called spatial art or plastic art. By installing various objects and materials according to the artist’s will, the viewer can feel the three-dimensionality and vitality of the work as it is.

The name of this work is ‘ Infinitum ‘, which means ‘unlimited’. In an interview with this magazine, artist Cho explained, “This work is made of fiber glass, which is elastic while making use of the hardness and strength of glass.” I wanted to express a continuous flow that is constantly cycled and regenerated under the concept.”

This work, like a transparent giant sculpture made of pieces, creates an optical illusion as if the work is moving, or a urge to touch it. In particular, the upper part of the work facing the sky is wide open, which naturally catches the eye of the viewer impressively. He said that he wanted to abstractly express his own artistic world, the ‘concept of unlimitedness’, in which the colorful air of Colorado, which has four distinct seasons, circulates through his work ‘Infinity’, enters and exits again.

Artist Su Kaiden Cho and staff at Onhabana Street and Midopa Mart are watching the installation scene.

Lee Joo-bong, president of M Mart, said, “Great works have been exhibited in front of M Mart, but this time, a young Korean local artist was selected as an excellent artist to exhibit his work, so we welcomed it with open arms.” Even though it was the first day of the exhibition, Koreans who came to the Midopa Mart to shop were interestingly appreciating the works they were seeing for the first time.

Su Kaiden Cho, an artist who works hard all over Colorado, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS). He continues his passionate career as an artist, exhibiting art exhibitions and exhibiting his work at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Colorado Springs. He said, “It is an honor to be able to meet various art viewers in Aurora City through the art and culture project of Onhabana Street, and I will continue my active artistic activities in the future.” Artist Cho’s personal website is , his Instagram account is su.k_cho, and his personal email address is [email protected] .

Meanwhile, OnHavanaStreet’s Art2C on Havana program selects excellent works by local artists in Colorado, and despite difficult times, more people in Aurora City appreciate the impressive and wonderful works of local artists. It is a project that encourages the passion of artists so that they can do it. Currently, you can see the best selections of this program at various locations on Havana-gil.