Angry Chicken Won 2018 BEST RESTAURANT On Havana Street by the Westword

November 27th, 2018

Our very own Angry Chicken won BEST RESTAURANT on Havana for 2018!

Photo By Maureen Witten

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Move over, Colonel: There’s a new KFC in town. Angry Chicken brought Korean fried chicken to Havana Street at the end of 2017, making the spicy, crackly bird more accessible than ever in metro Denver. And definitely more delicious. With a swank dining room, well-stocked bar (fried chicken is bar food, after all) and roster of sauces from buttery to incendiary, Angry Chicken is the reason so many poultry lovers are crossing the road. And if sticky sauces and juicy chicken aren’t enough of a draw, the rice-flour batter that makes the coating so crispy is also gluten-free, so the whole family can indulge without worry. Don’t get angry; get chicken.

Readers’ Choice: Katsu Ramen

1930 S. Havana St., Aurora, 80014