Apply now for openings on city boards and commissions

February 1st, 2022

Board and Commission Openings


Date: Feb. 1, 2022

Media Contact: Julie Patterson

Senior Communications Strategist


[email protected]

Apply now for openings on city boards and commissions


AURORA, Colo. – The city of Aurora is accepting applications now for vacancies on the following boards listed below. Volunteering for a board or commission is one way for residents to get engaged in local government. To apply or find out more, visit or call 303.739.7094.


·         Aurora Commission for Older Adults: Enhances the quality of life of the city’s older adult population by supporting current programs and promoting the development of new ones in the areas of housing, transportation, health, nutrition, legislation, recreation, education, advocacy and networking.

·         Aurora Fox Arts Center Board: Advises the City Council and department director regarding the planning, regulation, maintenance, repair and operation of the Aurora Fox.

·         Aurora Youth Commission: Betters the well-being of Aurora’s youth through representation, service and action

·         Business Advisory Board: Advises the City Council on the economic and business impact of city legislative and regulatory actions, and oversees the city’s Business Recognition Awards

·         Citizens Advisory Committee on Housing and Community Development: Assists the City Council in the development, implementation and evaluation of the city’s Community Development Block Grant Program and housing assistance plan

·         Cultural Affairs Commission: Provides ongoing, systemic planning and development of cultural arts within the city

·         Golf Course Advisory Committee: Serves as a voice of the public, and advises the City Council and the department staff on such matters as shall pertain to the planning, budgeting, regulation and use of the city-owned and -managed golf courses and facilities.

·         Historic Preservation Commission: Reviews and makes recommendations to City Council regarding potential landmark status for historical sites, districts and other properties for the educational, cultural and economic benefit of Aurora residents

·         Human Relations Commission: Promotes a mutual understanding and respect among all people, disseminate information and educational material to eliminate prejudice, promote human relations and investigate complaints of this nature

·         Independent Review Board: Assists the Chief of Police in the deliberative process in determining an appropriate level of discipline for instances of sustained misconduct by subject members, and reviews events that draw significant community interest

·         Open Space Board: Serves as community advocates for open space and recommend to Council the acquisition of open space properties, improvements to open space facilities and review site/project management plans

·         Parks and Recreation Board: Recommends to the City Council the purchase of properties for trails, open space, parks, recreation centers and programs; advises the City Council on park development and use regulations for parks, recreation areas, facilities and programs; and approves neighborhood park master plans at public hearings

·         Planning and Zoning Commission: Provides recommendations to the City Council on zonings and a wide range of planning- and development-related issues, and reviews site plans and use approvals unless appealed to the City Council

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