Art 2C on Havana Artist Profile–Jodie Bliss

October 11th, 2017

Artist, Jodie Bliss, is from Monument, CO.  Jodie Bliss works primarily in forged metals, from mild steel to copper, brass, bronze and stainless.  Her focus is on creating beautiful and compelling artwork through research and development of an idea or concept, design and finally execution.

The Art 2C on Havana Selection Committee chose Jodie’s sculpture “Picasso’s Violin” to be part of our 2017-2018 Art 2C on Havana exhibition.  However, the original red version of “Picasso’s Violin” has been sold, so Jodie created a new version of “Picasso’s Violin” just for Art 2C on Havana (pictured).  “Picasso’s Violin” is part of the renaissance of the Havana North area and will be viewed by hundreds of families coming into the area to take advantage of the new Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Indoor Facility located at 111 N Havana where the sculpture is also located.