Art 2C on Havana: Artist Profile–Rollin Karg, Kechi, KS

September 29th, 2017

For our 2017/2018 Art 2C on Havana Exhibition, Rollin Karg’s sculpture entitled “Cantano’s Son” (pictured) has been selected by the Art 2C on Havana selection committee and will be installed on Sept 29 at Havana Tower, 1450 S Havana.

Rollin Karg specializes in working with glass and metal.  The glass process involves a lot of science and three different firings in furnaces up to 2300 degrees.  Rollin makes his own glass using sand, silica, soda ash and 6-7 other ingredients.  To achieve the beautiful colors in his glass pieces he uses “frit” which is crushed colored glass.  You can learn more about this glass creation process from an article on Rollin’s website.