Artist Soo-Hyun Jo communicates with audiences in solo exhibition ‘Numinous’

August 5th, 2021

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Artist Su Kaiden Cho, who is also famous for the installation art ‘Infinitum’ installed at the front door of M Mart (President Lee Ju-bong), a Korean grocery store on Havana-gil, Aurora City , recently held a solo exhibition at an art gallery located in downtown Denver. . Artist Jo Su-hyeon, who sculpted ‘Infinity’, which was selected as an excellent work for On Havana Street’s Art2C program, is an artist working hard all over Colorado.

After graduating from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) in Fine Arts, he has exhibited his work at the Heller Center of Arts, the X Senior art exhibition at GOCA 1420, and the Contemporary Art Gallery of Colorado Springs. He continues his passionate career as an artist. Recently, his personal exhibition was featured in the Denver Westword magazine.

His solo exhibition ‘Numinous’ , held at 890 C 14 th Street, Understudy, Gallery in Downtown Denver, from July 8th to Saturday, July 31st, is a work of art by Suhyeon Cho, where sculptures, installation art, and performances harmonize to cover the dangers of hiding his essence. It was conducted with the concept of going out with the audience on a mysterious journey about ‘who I am’.

“Numinous is sometimes used as a religious word, but in this exhibition, the main theme was the adjective ‘Numinose’, which means ‘holy, holy’,” said artist Jo Su-hyeon. In each of my works, I expressed my inner desire to find my identity or the identity hidden in my childhood.”

He said, “I wanted to communicate with the audience about my hidden identity through works that can tell me who I was as a child or in the past.” It felt as if I was being transported in a box,” recalling old memories. “In this exhibition, we also performed a performance for about 10 minutes every Friday, and many audiences sympathized and laughed and cried with me in connection with his story,” he added.

In fact, artist Jo Su-hyeon went into a plastic bag hanging from the ceiling with air deflated and performed a performance in the shape of a baby in the mother’s womb. Regarding his other work, ‘bojagi (2021)’, which we were able to see at the exhibition, he said, “I’ve been immersed in oriental painting recently, and it contains an attractive feeling about how to connect the flow lines of oriental painting and contemporary art. The reason why I drew the bojagi in a rather small way was because I wanted to mysteriously express the presence of the bojagi that permeated the background with a simple, quiet and even plain feeling.”

‘Bojagi (2021)’ by Jo Soo-hyeon (Photo provided by Jo Soo-hyun)

In an interview with this magazine, he finally expressed his feelings, “It is unfortunate that I cannot inform you about the exhibition schedule sooner, but I hope that when I open a personal exhibition through various artistic activities in the future, I will be able to inform the Korean community and communicate with various Korean audiences.” said softly.

He is coming on October 1 in Colorado Springs for The Modbo Gallery (17 C East Bijou, Colorado Springs , CO 80903) is preparing another solo exhibitions in. Also, in November, they are preparing a group exhibition with other Asian artists at the University of Denver. Artist Cho, who currently resides in Colorado Springs and engages in various artistic activities, has a personal website at , an Instagram account at su.k_cho, and a personal email address at cskaiden@gmail. com .