Aurora Grocery Stores

Aurora Grocery Stores

June 11th, 2010

What’s available for Groceries in Aurora, Colorado?

The International Aurora Grocery Stores on Havana Street offer a world of far-reaching experiences to make your life more interesting. No longer just a niche, ethnic cooking has become a very popular and more healthful alternative for mainstream America. If you are like many Americans, preparing meals has become a routine, often mundane daily task. Get out of that rut and get cookin’! The On Havana Street International Groceries in Aurora, Colorado will give you ideas to spice up your life with good, wholesome, interesting meals perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Each ethnicity has its own blend of spices, flours and grains, fruits and vegetables. All of these groceries in Aurora, Colorado can be found on Havana Street. Our Aurora grocery stores offer bulk and pre-packaged items, competitively priced. Try red caviar on fresh-baked rye bread, home-made Russian pelemeni or some imported sausage from the UK. How about a Japanese stir-fry with fresh vegetables, special soy sauce and Asian vermicelli noodles? You can pick up some fresh pastries like mandasi or sambusa from the Ifka Somali cafe. Zabiha Halal fresh meats and frozen products abound at the World Food Bazaar. Be sure to stop in for some Injera made with black teff flour or some ambasha bread at our Ethiopian markets to accompany your special recipe for doro wat. Pamper yourself with specialty beauty products, coffees and teas from around the world. Experience the On Havana Street International Aurora grocery stores for yourself:

Our International Aurora Grocery Stores

Visit our Aurora Business Directory for more food and grocery stores or view our list of international Aurora grocery stores below.

Gulzar Market, 10315 E Iliff:An Islamic market specializing in Halal meats, bulk nuts, home-made pastries and Injera, spices from NE and South Africa, bulk spices and flours, dried beans from Morocco including fava beans, pita breads, coconut powder, sesame oil, tahini, and feta cheeses.

Snowl 1930 S Havana:


Ifka Café, 1535 S Havana:This is more of a café, but does feature many Somali specialty items. You will find sambusa, teas, chilis, sandwiches, and a daily fresh selection of pastries and snacks, including mandasi (a Somali donut), xalwo (bread with special sweet, hardened Somali jelly) and bajiye (the Somali version of Indian pakora).

Golf 1st Grocery and Coffee, 10 S Havana ST, #110:A very popular Ethiopian coffee shop and gathering place, Golf 1st serves falafel sandwiches, sambusa, pastries and Ethiopian coffee. You can also pick up lentils, spices, Injera bread and ambasha bread (a skillet-baked spiced yeast bread).

Havana Halal Market, 868 S Havana:A small Islamic specialty market with Halal goat, beef, chicken and lamb. You will also find pita and flat breads, biscuits, coffee/tea, dried peas and beans, wheat and rice, and pastas. They sell Swad products, Ghee (clarified butter), sesame and olive oils.

Kantomanto International Market, 495 N Havana:This very authentic African market features West and Central African products and is a very popular stop for the local African community. You will find fufu and cassava flour, corn flour, palm cream, and other products imported from Ghana.

M-Mart (Midopa) Korean & Japanese Market & Gifts, 2000 S Havana:Everything you need for your Oriental cooking can be found here: Fresh vegetables, sprouts, quail eggs, bok choy, large Korean peaches, Japanese and Korean style noodles. A fresh meat and seafood counter. A large selection of frozen seafood and freshly made sushi. Dried seaweed, rices, grains, beans, soy and fish sauces and teas. Japanese & Korean candies. A very large frozen food section featuring dumplings and potstickers. There is a large gift shop and a bakery on site, too.

Sintoburi Imported Foods, 2720 S Havana, #I: Korean Kimchi market.

Solomon’s Grocery & European Deli, 1939 S Havana:For a very unique experience, you need to visit Solomon’s. Specializing in imported Russian and European foods, meats and cheeses, this little market is a real gem. They stock many of the Old Country favorites like red caviar, fresh-baked rye breads, unique German bologna, European cold-cuts, cold smoked sausages, herring salted in oil, and many cheeses. In the freezer section, you will discover home-made pelemeni (ravioli) and pierogies. Try a package of blintzes filled with meat, farmers’ cheese or cherries (similar to crepes). Their chocolate candy selection is unmatched in town, and for a special treat pick up a package of their home-made Russian gingerbread cookies or Russian marshmallows.

Redict, 2222 S Havana, #C-1:   You will find many imported Ethiopian spices, nuts, grains and flours. Fresh Injera bread is available daily. They also have a lovely selection of traditional Ethiopian clothing and jewelry. The owners are warm and friendly and strive to offer you a true Ethiopian market experience.

World Food Bazaar, 242 N Havana:Tucked in the back of a strip mall and off the beaten path, this market is amazing! They are very proud of their Zabiha Halal meat shop and all of the frozen Halal foods they stock. This is a top quality Halal meat store in a family-friendly environment. They are a complete International market, featuring Indo-Pak groceries. They also have a beautiful selection of silk scarves and jewelry.

For a complete list of all the markets visit the Aurora Business Directory on this Website for hours, phone numbers and directions.