Aurora Is Growing Fast—and Isn’t Slowing Down

April 29th, 2019

5280 May 2019 mentions On Havana Street in it’s extensive feature on Aurora, Colorado’s growth and its future development opportunities.


Denver’s eastern neighbor, which just happens to be the third-largest city in Colorado, has big plans for the future—take a look.


On Friday nights, Stanley Marketplace thrums with the sounds of hipsters and families purchasing locally made products before noshing on tacos, empanadas, and sushi. During weekends, Havana Street restaurants are packed with millennials slurping steaming bowls of pho and scooping up beef stew with injera. Synagogues and mosques are packed with congregants. Above it all, planes approach and depart nearby Denver International Airport (DIA) with a regularity by which you can set your watch.

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