Aurora Ramps Up – Temporary Outdoor Expansions for Restaurants Extended until 10/31/2021

October 30th, 2020

Economic Recovery
Tax and Licensing Division
15151 E. Alameda Parkway, Ste. 5700
Aurora, Colorado 80012

October 23, 2020
Fourth Amended
Aurora Ramps Up

Temporary Outdoor Expansions for Restaurants

In anticipation of public health orders allowing limited on-site dining, the City of Aurora is
creating a temporary program to allow restaurants and bars to operate in outdoor settings adjacent
to their businesses to replace lost indoor seating. The intent of the program is to allow for greater
physical distancing and safety for patrons. This program could include expansion into designated
outdoor areas such as adjacent parking lots, streets and sidewalks. This temporary program is an
economic relief measure that will run through October 31st, 2021. All fixtures will need to be
removed by November 7th, 2021. During this time period regulations regarding parking, site plan,
signage, use of the city right of way, and alcohol service are relaxed in coordination with an
approved plan submitted through a Temporary Use Permit.

This is a guide to assist restaurants and bars in the city to prepare and submit a plan for a
temporary outdoor expansion that complies with social distancing guidelines and creates a safe
environment for your customers. This guide is created with anticipated guidance from health
officials. Follow Tri-County Health’s website at for updated guidance and public health
orders. The State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s website is

Regardless of approval by the City for outdoor seating, restaurants will need to ensure that current
state and local health orders are followed as they are amended. Tri-County Health is the public
health agency encompassing the City of Aurora. Guidance changes frequently and as a responsible
business owner / operator you need to be aware of and follow this guidance for the safety of
employees and the public. Please refer to industry specific guidance resources at: and

For additional guidance or to request a variance from the public health guidance, the Tri County
Health Department has a Business Re-Opening Task Force available from Monday-Friday 8a.m.-
5p.m. Businesses can access this service by emailing [email protected] or calling

The City is relaxing restrictions regarding required parking site plan, signage, use of city right of
way, and alcohol service for a temporary time period to allow restaurants and other retail to utilize
additional space outdoors to ensure social distancing.

Learn More Here:

Guide for Temporary Outdoor Restaurant and Retail

Aurora Ramps Up

The city of Aurora wants to help local businesses ramp up operations while maintaining safe health practices. We have created guidelines to help restaurants to operate in temporary spaces outdoors as soon as state and county public health officials allow the partial reopening of in-person dining services.

Be sure to read the guidelines. You will need to submit a site plan and other documents including a liquor premise modification with your temporary use permit application.

Below, find all you need to plan to have your business ready.