Aurora Sister City & Havana Road Business Collaboration Food Donation Event Successfully Concluded

July 20th, 2020

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On Wednesday, 15th, a special event was held at Aurora Sister Cities International and local businesses of On Havana Street in Aurora City’s Stampede parking lot. The event is called “Food Kitchen Collective,” and the Aurora sister city purchases and donates a variety of food from local businesses on Havana Road, and distributes about 500 to 1,000 high-quality food packages to visiting vehicles. It was an event. On the day of the event, a mask must be worn under the principle of a drive-through method to prevent coronavirus, and when the vehicles in line finally arrive at the event site, officials and volunteers load food and ingredients into the trunk. proceeded in a safe manner.

Volunteers preparing items

The scheduled start time of the event on this day was 2 o’clock, but it started a little earlier than planned due to the large number of vehicles from early on. About 30 volunteers moved in a hurry, and prepared food and ingredients were gradually loaded onto arriving vehicles. Aurora Mayor Michael Koffman also visited the event site at 2 pm to emphasize the significance of the event again, and gave encouragement and applause to the officials and volunteers who came out to volunteer on a hot day. Not only the officials from the Aurora sister cities, but also Aurora City Councilmember Dave Gruber and Aurora City Hall official Natasha Campbell, many others participated in the event on the day and worked with volunteers to help visitors receive food at a smoother pace. it looked like

Volunteer to guide vehicle

Vehicles that visited the event site on the day received local food carefully prepared by the Aurora sister city and local merchants in a drive-thru manner. Among the food and ingredients provided free of charge to visiting vehicles by the Food Kitchen Collective, various Korean businesses such as H Mart, M Mart, Limeyers O’Connell Law Office, Seoul BBQ Restaurant, Seoul Dumplings, Dumpling Pocha, Pig Restaurant, and Yeom Salt Bakery donated. One Korean food stood out the most by far. A variety of Korean foods were distributed to visitors, from dumplings to kimchi, rice cakes, bread, ramen bags, seaweed for side dishes, chocolate pie, and sanitary gloves.

In an interview with Awake!, Karlyn Shorb, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aurora Sister Cities, said, “I am very grateful for the help and support from so many Korean businesses. A lot of Korean volunteers came to today’s event, and I hope that through this event, more people will receive the warmth of the Korean community.”

Aurora Sister Cities Chief Executive Karlyn Shorb, Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman, Aurora City Councilor Dave Gruber

The warm hearts of those who are busy volunteering in the endless procession of vehicles and the sincerity of those who prepared and donated food on the day to give comfort and strength to many people suffering from food insecurity in difficult times create a warm atmosphere for the event. was enough for In particular, it is no exaggeration to say that the volunteers on this day were diverse, from middle school students of various races to adults of various occupations such as Korean school principals, and it was no exaggeration to say that the event was successfully concluded by working together with men and women of all ages.