Aurora TV featured the 2022-2024 Art 2C On Havana Street Public Art Program

October 20th, 2022

Check Out the Newest Art2C Sculptures On Havana Street

Check Out the You Tube Video of the Art2C On Havana Street by Simpy Hao

2022 ART 2C ON HAVANA STREET featured in the Aurora Creates Nov – Dec Edition Online

Thank you to the Aurora TV team for featuring our newest public art program.

Please visit the newest public art sculptures along The District until mid-September 2024.

11th Biennial Art 2C On Havana Street 2022-2024
The City of Aurora Art in Public Places Program (AIPP) and the Havana Business Improvement District (Havana BID) host an outdoor sculpture program and exhibition On Havana Street in Aurora, CO, for two years. The exhibit was scheduled to  have all the 12 sculptures installed by October 25, 2022.

About Art 2C On Havana Street and Aurora Art in Public Places
On Havana Street and the City of Aurora’s Art in Public Places program are proud to partner to bring the Eleventh Biennial Art 2C On Havana Street. This highly successful and anticipated exhibition brings twelve temporary sculptures to the business district where they remain for two years. The exhibition provides residents and visitors with a unique way to experience the Business District. Public art such as this boosts real estate values and creates opportunities for local businesses to thrive while also providing sculptors with opportunities to share their work, gain recognition for the quality of their work, and compete for cash awards.

The City of Aurora Art in Public Places program has made it possible for locally and nationally renowned artists to enhance the city’s public spaces with works of art ranging from indoor wall hangings to monumental outdoor sculptures, and architecturally integrated works. The collection includes about 300 pieces valued at approximately $4 million, creating cultural landmarks that serve as a cornerstone of the city’s identity.

The Art in Public Places program is governed by a nine-member, Aurora City Council-appointed commission. The mission of the Art in Public Places Commission is to capture the pulse of the community by contributing to neighborhood development and economic vitality, and by engaging the many voices of Aurora through art and culture.