Aurora Water – Havana 30″ Water Line Wrap-Up and More

April 28th, 2021

Update from Aurora Water

Aurora Water’s contractor will be returning to Havana Street at East 6th Avenue next week to finish   street work.

There are five locations where work will occur:

  1. 1st Ave to south (SB Havana St) – Asphalt overlay operation over original trench patch. (12′ width)
  2. SB Havana St at Hanover – Removing the temporary asphalt patch and replace with permanent
  3. SB Havana St just south of 6th  Ave (includes some of the NB left turn lane as well.) – Asphalt overlay operation over original trench patch (12′ width)
  4. EB 6th  Ave (in the intersection) – Replace temporary patching and replace with permanent. (Unsure at this time when Public Works will allow this work, whether daytime, nighttime or weekend.)
  5. SB Havana St (7th Ave to 6th Ave) – Replace temp patching with permanent


There is also some concrete curb work to be finished south of 1st Ave (west side); sidewalk repair at 590 Havana (east side) and another sidewalk repair just south of 7th Ave (west side).


Also, as an early FYI, Aurora Water will be making improvements to a pressure relief valve vault at two locations this year, one of which will be near 11 South Havana (farther south on Havana and away from the busy business district). The project’s projected start date is sometime in June. I don’t have more details to share at this time but I will keep you apprised.


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