Auto Mart USA Recognized by Aurora Police Department

Auto Mart USA on the Havana Motor Mile truly is “The dealer with a heart.”

May 16th, 2019

Photo: SGT Graham, Dan Ramirez (Service Manager), Mike Abssi (Owner) & Lt. Mike Hanifen

Auto Mart USA was recognized by the Aurora Police Department on May 16, 2019.

Lt. Mike Hanifen, SGT Tom Graham and Chance Horiuchi visited Auto Mart USA to present a thank you and recognition plaque. This dealership on the Havana Motor Mile truly is “The dealer with a heart.”

In March 2019, APD collaborated with many community partners to host the Rock It Sock It Fundraiser. This fundraiser helped to collect socks, toiletries and cash donations to support Comitis Crisis Center, our local homeless shelter.

Over 22,000 items (socks, toothbrushes, toiletries) were donated to this cause allowing us to make hundreds of care packages for members our community experiencing homelessness and deliver them to the Aurora Day Resource Center.

APD’s goal was to collect 2000 pairs of socks to contribute to the fundraiser.  Auto Mart USA and other Havana Business Improvement District stakeholders hosted collection boxes along the Havana Motor Mile in support of the APD and the Rock It Sock It Drive.

Auto Mart USA was the largest contributor of donated socks! Over 800 socks were donated from Auto Mart USA.

We are so grateful to our compassionate stakeholders and to Auto Mart USA – “The dealer with a heart!”