Market to Visitors Coming to Colorado – Become a featured partner on the Visitor’s Savings Pass

September 11th, 2019

Become a featured partner on the Visitor’s Savings Pass

Visit Aurora is in the process of launching a Visit Aurora Savings Pass that will be provided to convention and tournament attendees staying in Aurora or at one of our Denver partner hotels.  The Savings Passes will be distributed to Gaylord groups, but there are several other groups throughout the year that have interest in the pass and are at a hotel near Havana St.


On Havana Street has so many delicious restaurants and other business that may be interested in participating in the savings pass.

For a merchant to include a discount through the savings passthere is no cost to them and it’s completely up to the merchant on what they would like to offer.  Visit Aurora has an annual contract with a company called Bandwango and they create the pass for us.

Here are a few examples below of other city’s passes for you to get an idea of how it works.


Seattle Southside Do More Save More


Stockton Savings Pass


Visit Jacksonville Attendee Passport


This will be a great benefit for exposure, as it will draw business to them during peak convention and tournament dates.

Most of the convention attendees venture to Havana for things to do and places to eat. “No one wants to feel like a tourist anymore and wants to dine and venture to where the locals go.”

Please contact Jennifer Buckley with Visit Aurora if you are interested.


Director of Destination Services | Visit Aurora

Office:  720-484-8917

Mobile: 817-939-8495

2260 S. Xanadu Way Ste. 200

Aurora, CO 80014 | get directions


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