Bullying Stops Here!

January 10th, 2020

Posted on the High Altitude Martial Arts website on December 27, 2019

Give a child you love the gift of self confidence! Send your kids to learn all about the 3 Ts of dealing with bullies and unwanted contact. “Talk, Tell, Tackle.”

On the second day of school this year our son was approached by two boys with misguided intentions. After setting up a foot race, in which the other two ran the opposite way laughing, the first boy decided he would pay the second boy with Fortnite Vbucks to “beat up” our son. A punch was thrown haphazardly which our son absorbed with his shoulder. At that point our son’s training kicked in and he responded as he had been taught in JiuJitsu class. He changed levels and shot a double leg take down. As the boy began to roll onto his side and tried to sit up, our son secured back mount with two hooks and began to apply a rear naked choke. He held this position, keeping himself safe, until a teacher arrived and took them to the principal’s office.

Because of the many hours talking about and practicing what to do when faced with a physical bully, our son was prepared to protect himself and able to explain to us all exactly the way things happened. Punishment was handed down by the school. Ice cream was awarded by mom and dad.

Most bullying situations can be handled by a child without physical conflict through effective communication and by getting help from a grown up early on. However, being prepared for how to deal with violence is a gift that will last a lifetime. Send them in to learn in a safe, fun, supportive environment. They will thank you.

Written by: David Armstrong (Youth BJJ Coach, Dad, Blue Belt)