Business Resource – Children’s Hospital Colorado Engagement Opportunities

July 29th, 2020

Children’s Hospital Colorado would love to set up a free virtual talk with one of their Children’s Hospital Colorado experts and explore other ways they can engage your employees in educational and volunteer opportunities during this time (see Children’s Corporate Engagement for more information).

Below is a general list of topics that they offer. Keep in mind if a topic isn’t listed here they can usually accommodate. They also have digital resources available for these topics that can be shared in newsletters, social channels, company website, etc.


COVID-19 & Mental Health, Balancing working from home & parenting, Children’s 101, Heart Health, Sleep Issues, Sick Kids 101, Concussion 101, Vaping & Drug Use, Teen Driver Safety, Keeping Kids Active, Kids and Technology, Discipline/Dealing with Defiance, Stress Management, Teen Topics, Depression, Mental Health, Body Image, Stress Management for Kids, Vaccines/Immunizations, Bullying/Cyber Bullying, Sports Medicine, Work-Life Balance, Asthma, Allergies, Celiac, Hydration, Dental Health, Tummy Troubles, Tonsils, Health Myths….


For more information on this, please feel free to call or email  Brittany Schilling  |  Corporate and Community Relations Specialist  |  Marketing and Communication Children’s Hospital Colorado  |  Anschutz Medical Campus  |  13123 East 16th Avenue  |  Box 080  |  Aurora, CO 80045

Phone: (720) 777-0515   | [email protected]

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