Celebrating M Mart’s 40th Anniversary On Havana Street w/ Yelp Colorado Elites and Korea Town Aurora

September 13th, 2023

Thank you @yelpcolorado for celebrating over 40 years of M Mart – Midopa Oriental Market!

🥳 Last week, 150 Yelp Elites came to experience authentic Korean cuisine and shop Asian and International fresh produce, fresh and frozen meat and seafood, noodles, dried seaweed, teas, snacks, and so much more from the only Korean independently owned international grocery market in Colorado.

🛍️🥩🦐 They sampled authentic Korean cuisine like Beef Bulgogi and Korean Dumplings from Sonmat Banchan inside M Mart.

They also sampled delicious Korean sushi also made inside M Mart at ATA Sushi & Sashimi. Yelp Elites also tried amazing Korean pastries from @honeybakery_aurora who make all of their savory and sweet baked goods as well as cakes right inside M Mart!

They were also able to get in on lots of K-Pop goodies from @kpop_anniegift.

🍙🥮🎶 Thank you to the wonderful, hardworking sponsors @KoreatownAurora, @Aurorasistercities, @bonfireeventco, and of course, @yelpcolorado and Yelp Elites for always supporting M Mart and all the amazing businesses in our special district!

Video and Photos by Simply Hao

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Thank you to M Mart’s Distributors and Vendors for supporting this tasting event to celebrate M Mart’s 40 years in business.