City of Aurora Business Updates – Liquor License Newsletter 3.17.2022

March 21st, 2022

Aurora Liquor Informational Bulletin


This is the inaugural City of Aurora Liquor Licensee informational bulletin. This bulletin was sent to all  liquor licenses in Aurora, Colorado.

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·    Other Aurora Newsletters

·    Red Tape Reduction Committee Public Hearings

·    Temporary or Permanent Outdoor Dining Modifications

·    Liquor Licensing Portal Update

·    Takeout and Delivery Permits

·    Good Things to Know


Other Aurora Newsletters


The city also has several other newsletters that you may be interested in that you can sign up for at the following links:

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Red Tape Reduction Committee Wants to Hear From You


The Aurora City Council’s Red Tape Reduction Committee wants to hear about your experiences working through the city’s development planning, permitting, licensing and other business-related processes. Your input will help guide the committee, City Council and staff in analyzing opportunities for improvement or changes necessary to allow Aurora businesses to thrive and to ensure policies support the community as a whole.

There will be at least three public hearings for businesses, community groups and others to share their opinions, as well as an online feedback opportunity.

In order to ensure everyone has a chance to be heard, advance sign-up is required to speak at the public hearings:

·    6 p.m. Wednesday, April 20 – Sign up to speak

At this time, the public hearings are scheduled to be virtual events. Anonymous comments are welcome as well.


Temporary or Permanent Outdoor Dining Modifications


Spring and summer are coming. Are you interested in setting up temporary or permanent outdoor dining? The city is accepting applications for temporary setups that will last for the warmer months. Whether you do a temporary or permanent addition of patio space, you will need to obtain a modification of premises for your liquor license. For more information about temporary modifications of premises and things to consider, find more information here:

Guide for Temporary Outdoor Restaurant and Retail


Liquor License Portal


About a year ago the city went more modern with a new system for liquor licensing. This has not been without bugs but at least we are now able to handle licensing electronically. Thank you for your patience and for using the new portal and we will be processing liquor applications and renewals electronically going forward. Electronic processes reduce staff time, costs, and improve efficiency and accuracy which translates into better service for you. More enhancements will be coming in the future and visit the city’s liquor page for more information.


Takeout and Delivery Permits


Takeout and delivery permits from the state are required for on-premises establishments that will allow takeout and/or deliver. The permit application can be found here (DR 8496). There is no city fee or form for this permit.


Good Things To Know


1. Remember to report any changes regarding the license within 30 days such as change in registered manger or corporate structure. Transfers and modification of premises must be reported before operating.

2. The Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act requires that smoking areas be at least 25 feet from entrances.

3. At any time alcohol is served in all taverns, restaurants, and lodging and entertainment licensees must serve at least sandwiches and light snacks. “Sandwiches” means something substantial such as pizza, burritos, tacos, or sandwiches. Chips or popcorn are not sufficient by themselves.


For more information contact:

Trevor Vaughn

Manager of Licensing | City of Aurora

office 303.739.7171