Community Works Together to Restore Subaru for Family

July 26th, 2017

9News Coverage of the Tyler Family Subaru Story:

It was quite the remarkable transformation of the Tyler Family’s Subaru!   We did not get a picture of the trashed out vehicle in the impound lot last Friday, but, honestly, it was hard to tell that it is the same vehicle.  The new wheels and tires from Shortline and The Used Tire store looked great on the car.  M&M restored the ignition and steering column, cleaned and detailed the vehicle inside and out, including new pin striping.  The halogen bulbs had been stolen from the headlights and were replaced by M&M.  The family is able to drive the car until Saturday.  On Saturday, the family flies to Philadelphia as KoriRae is enrolled in an experimental stem cell therapy program for her leukemia.  (Mom said this is her third relapse after chemo and a bone marrow transplant have failed.)   On Saturday, the car will go back into the shop to get a new radio/sound system from Paul at The Used Tire Store since the crooks also took the radio from the car.  When the family gets back in town, the restoration of the vehicle will be complete.  KoriRae loved her new stroller, too, donated by Garrett and Western Centers.