Democratic Senator John Hickenlooper visits Midopa Korean Market

September 11th, 2020

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“I usually enjoy eating Korean food… I understand the plight of small business owners. ”

Two months before the upcoming November 3 general election, Senator John Hickenlooper, Democrat, and Republican Cory Gardner, a Republican, are in a battlefield in Colorado. Whether the Republican Party of Donald Trump or the Democratic Party of Joe Biden takes the presidency of the United States will have a significant impact on the future of immigrant society as well as the American and international community. Whose hand will the people of Colorado really support?

At 1:00 pm on Wednesday, the 9th, candidate John Hickenlooper, who is in the midst of an election campaign, was scheduled to visit the Midopa Korean Market. Not only the media outlets who heard the news of his visit, but also representatives of various organizations who were interested in the upcoming election seemed to have visited M Mart early. Although his schedule was delayed a bit, his schedule was delayed to meet the small business owners around the streets of Havana, and to hear and share the concerns of the owners of various small businesses, including hair salons, but the enthusiasm for the coverage was still hot.

Midopa Mart CEO Lee Ju-bong (left) handing over a Korean mask to candidate John Hickenlooper (right)

Lee Joo-bong, president of Midopa Korean Market, put on a Korean-made mask directly to Hickenlooper and thanked him for listening to the opinions of Korean small business owners who are struggling with Corona 19. President Lee, who is well known for distributing masks and disposable gloves for free to customers who visit the mart, said, “Health is important to everyone,” and he delivered about 100 more masks for all staff members who are working with Hickenlooper. did. Colorado Korean Restaurant Association President Lee Dong-woo (Alexander Lee) and On Havana Street Executive Director Chance Horiuchi also directly addressed the various opinions and concerns of small business owners in Aurora City to Hickenlooper candidate. delivered

Candidate Hickenlooper interviewing reporter Ye-won Cho of the Colorado Times

Hickenlooper said in an interview with this magazine, “I usually enjoy Korean food,” and, although not an expert on Korean food, said that he saw it even when he found a recipe to make it. Regarding the minimum wage increase that is currently being promoted by Aurora City Assemblyman Alice Coombs, he said, “Before entering politics, I have run a small restaurant, so I am well aware of the hard work of small business owners. It is time to get through the current economic crisis we are facing due to the corona pandemic,” he said.

Democratic Party Candidate John Rickenlooper (left) and Colorado Korean Food Association Chairman Lee Dong-woo (right)

Colorado has a similar population of supporters of each party, so it is always selected as a state competing in the presidential election, and active campaigning and competition between the two parties takes place. In this general election, as well as in the presidential election, the competition between the two parties for seats in the Senate is fierce. Colorado is now a strategic location, as the showdown between Republican Senator Corey Gardner and former Governor John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, is critical for both parties to retake the Senate majority. Meanwhile, according to a recent poll, Democratic Party candidate John Hickenlooper, who visited the Midopa Korean market on the afternoon of the 9th, leads by about 10%.