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DMZ Pub Won 2018 BEST CHICKEN WINGS on Havana by the Westword

November 27th, 2018

Our very own DMZ Pub won BEST CHICKEN WINGS for 2018!

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Even in Aurora, where Korean restaurants are more common than a Fourteener in Colorado, DMZ is a well-kept secret, offering a menu of drinking food in the “hof” (or beer hall) tradition. After you’ve had a chance to order a round of beers, peruse the menu for something fun like tteok-bokki (fat rice cakes in a slick chili sauce) or cheesy corn; just be sure to start with an order of Korean fried chicken wings and an extra stack of napkins. Somehow simultaneously sticky and crunchy, DMZ’s wings come in multiple heat levels; the hottest could kick off a nuclear reaction. Stay one step ahead of Trump by hitting Aurora’s DMZ before the president visits Kim Jong Un and triggers a meltdown of his own.

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2680 S. Havana St., Aurora, 80014

Photo By Mark Antonation