Donuts You Need to Try – Visit Aurora’s blog featured our Lamar’s Donuts and Coffee – On Havana Street

January 28th, 2019

Donuts You Need to Try

Visit Aurora’s Food and Drink blog from January 16, 2019

Here’s your chance to eat more “hole” foods in 2019! From local shops with American classics to flavors you’ve never heard of, discover these donut shops in Aurora …

Check out Visit Aurora’s Food and Drink blog and discover must visit donut shops in Aurora.

Thank you to Visit Aurora for featuring one of our favorite donut shops On Havana Street in Aurora, Colorado – Lamar’s Donuts and Coffee.

10001 E Iliff Ave. | get directions

The flagship location of LaMar’s Donuts & Coffee opened in 1960. Since then, this wholesome franchise has expanded to include a handful of locations in Aurora, Denver, and the surrounding cities. Settle in for a menu that really caters to all types of donut lovers. Glazed, iced, and anything in between– discover their menu of classics and specialties that any sugar-lover will enjoy.