Monday, November 19, 2018 1-2 pm FREE

Gift Card Wrapping Party with Summit Rehab – On Havana Street 2018

Every year the Havana Business Improvement District purchases about $5000-7000 worth of gift cards from On Havana Street businesses. we have hundred of gift cards that we wrap with holiday paper before we distribute them to the lucky shoppers.

On a secret day in December, a group of volunteers walk around the 4.3 miles of the Havana Business Improvement District and give FREE gift cards to the shoppers. These gift cards are “Thank you” gifts to shoppers and visitors for supporting and shopping at On Havana Street businesses in the district. There are no strings attached, no information is collected, and we just hope that the shoppers continue to shop On Havana Street and use the gift card for their next purchase.

The Summit Rehabilitation and Care Community, 500 Geneva St, Aurora, CO 80010, will be helping the Havana BID wrap the gift cards as a community activity.

We hope to have some refreshments, festive music and great company.

The Havana BID will provide the wrapping materials, scissors, tape, envelopes and bows for the volunteers. We appreciate the help of the Summit Rehab and look forward to the fun festive event.

We will meet at the Summit Rehab at 1pm-1pm to wrap as many gift cards as we can.

If interested in volunteering then please contact Chance Horiuchi at [email protected]

Don’t worry if you miss this opportunity.

We plan to schedule another one with Bella Vita Senior Living. Please reach out to Chance Horiuchi to join in on the fun holiday wrapping.



Summit Rehabilitation and Care Community

500 Geneva St, Aurora, CO 80010, USA


Chance Horiuchi