Famous Noodle Chain in China Opens On Havana Street

September 9th, 2019

Asian Avenue Magazine featured Shi Miao Dao in their August 2019 edition.

Shi Miaodao – Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodles

“Within ten seconds, you’ll get a good taste of Yunnan”

By Lijin Zhao

2000 S Havana St. Aurora, CO 80014

Tel: 720.583.2839 | Website:

Open Hours

Monday – Sunday: 12:00pm to 8:30pm | Closed on Wednesday

The first Yunnan rice noodle restaurant has recently opened in Denver just a month ago! As one of the most famous rice noodle chain restaurants in China, Shi Miaodao translates to “ready in ten seconds” in English. Ten Seconds maintains the traditional craft of making rice noodles to let eaters experience the most authentic taste of Yunnan as well as the essence of Yunnan’s culture. 

Yunnan rice noodles are also called “crossing the bridge noodles,” which comes from an ancient romantic story. Once upon a time, there was a scholar who was studying very hard for his imperial exam on a small island in the Yunnan Province of China. The island was located in the center of a lake, and the only way to get there was to cross a bridge before embarking on a long walk. The scholar’s wife delivered noodle soup to the island every day, however, by the time the scholar received his soup, the broth was cold and the noodles were soggy. 

The wife began to worry about the scholar, as his body appeared weak and his health seemed to be deteriorating. Her concerns led to a great idea! Going forward, she would prepare her noodle soup with chicken oil on the surface, and various meats and vegetables in a heated earthen pot to stay warm. Soon enough, the scholar’s health began to improve and his body and mind grew stronger. In the end, the scholar completed the imperial examination successfully.  

From then on, this story has been passed down for generations, and Yunnan rice noodles soup became known as “crossing the bridge noodles,” because the scholar’s wife crossed that bridge every day, without fail, for her husband. This story shares the traditional way of eating Yunnan rice noodles.

Unlike other noodles, rice noodles can be more tender, chewy and savory. The original refining process is performed by hand in an ancient town called Guzhen which makes rice noodles that exude an aromatic rich rice scent with each bite. Other than that, after boiling for hours, the soup can be rich in flavor and nutritious since several ingredients used in the soup are really good for one’s health. A variety of side dishes also help to create the richness of the food and give a lot of choices on how to create your ideal rice noodle bowl.

The perfect balance between nutritious and delicious Yunnan rice noodles brings both your body and your mind to Yunnan and helps you experience the interesting food culture of South China.

Ten Seconds is a branch of the Shi Miaodao chain of noodle shops that only have a handful in North America (including in New York and Toronto), but with more than 750 locations in China.

Steps to eating Yunnan Noodles

1) Once you order your meal, you will receive the soup, the rice noodles and the side dishes separately. Some side dishes include white and black fungus, Chinese chives, spam, corn, egg, etc.

2) Place the rice noodles and the side dishes into the soup, in order for them to cook. Wait a couple seconds to let the flavor of the soup absorb into the food.

3) Then enjoy!

Sample Menu

Original Rice Noodle $10

Pickled Pepper Rice Noodle $12

Kimchi Beef Rice Noodle $14

Pork Chop Rice Noodle $12

Tomato Rice Noodle $10

Tomato Pork Chop Rice Noodle $12

Sirloin Tomato Rice Noodle $14

Spicy Rice Noodle $12

Spicy Sirloin Rice Noodle $14

Lamb Hot Pot Rice Noodle $14

Beef Tripe Hot Pot Rice Noodle $14

Pickled Fish Rice Noodle $14

Chicken Rice Noodle $10

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