Feedback wanted to update plans for area around 13th Avenue and Colfax rail stations

February 22nd, 2024

In preparation for several potential development opportunities, the city of Aurora is updating the 13th Avenue and Fitzsimons-Colfax station area plan and creating an urban renewal plan for the area.

The community is encouraged to provide feedback in two ways as part of this process:

Once complete, the plans will capture the community’s vision and collectively plan for new development and public improvements in this important area of Aurora.

A single station area plan was adopted in 2009 for the 13th Avenue and Colfax rail stations. Much has changed in the past 15 years. Through an analysis of current conditions and community engagement, the goal is to create and adopt two plans that will reflect the city’s current needs and address land use, transportation, housing, and public improvements.

The new station area plan will reflect recently updated citywide plans and policies, and consider new input from the community that lives, works, shops and travels within the area.

This updated plan will serve as the foundation for creating an urban renewal plan for the area. The adoption of an urban renewal plan will allow the city to use tax increment financing to fund important public infrastructure that supports new development and investment in the area.

For more information, visit The posted survey is available in both English and Spanish.


La siguiente encuesta plantea diez (10) preguntas sobre la zona de estudio del proyecto, que se delinea en amarillo en el mapa a la derecha (o se puede descargar aquí). La zona de estudio incluye las estaciones Colfax y 13th Avenue, incluidas las áreas generalmente al oeste de Potomac Street, al este de Sable Boulevard, al sur de East 16th Place y al norte de 6th Avenue.

La finalidad de esta encuesta es recopilar información sobre cómo ha cambiado la zona de estudio en los últimos años y qué es importante para quienes viven, trabajan, realizan compras o pasan por esta zona. Esta encuesta es la primera de varias oportunidades para que el público comparta su opinión sobre el proceso de planificación.