Workforce Initiative On The Havana Motor Mile

Havana Motor Mile Auto Tech Tool Incentive Program 2019

May 23rd, 2019

2019 was an exciting year for our Havana Motor Mile Auto Technician Tool Incentive Program. We worked with Pickens Technical College Auto Tech Program to award the top 5% of their graduating students a tool chest with tools valued at $6000. The Havana Business Improvement District’s Havana Motor Mile created this partnership and program to address the shortage of auto technicians along our district. We have over 20 auto dealerships and 100+ auto service shops that are in need of workforce every year.  This year we increased the program’s budget to allow for more students. We sponsored $15,000 so that the Pickens Auto Tech instructors could purchase six customized auto tech tool packages and cabinets from Snap-On Tools for this tool incentive program.  The Pickens Auto Tech instructors work with the auto shop service managers, car dealerships, and independent repair shops along our Havana Motor Mile to match the top six 2019 graduating auto tech students from Pickens Auto Tech program with jobs in shops in the Havana Motor Mile.
Many of the six students awarded this year are already working at shops in the Havana Motor Mile. Now they can start their new careers with a Snap-On Tool Cabinet with a full set of automotive tools to use on the job.  These auto techs are required to have their own tools on the job, which is a huge cost the students graduating from the auto tech program.


These tools and Snap-On cabinet are valued at $6000 for each student and and if the student remains employed at the shop along the Havana Motor Mile for 2 years, he/she is awarded the tool package. If he/she leaves employment before the 2 year mark, the tool package goes back to Pickens Auto Tech program and another student is awarded the tool package and a job on the Havana Motor Mile. This program has been an incredible success thanks to our Havana BID board of director Gary Sliger. Gary is also the owner of Gary’s Full Service Auto Repair and on the board of Pickens Tech Auto Program. We are also so grateful to Rolf Werner at Pickens Tech Auto Tech Program for managing the partnership with the students and the workforce initiative on the Havana Motor Mile.


Rolf, an instructor at Pickens Auto Tech program shared that about 8-10 students from Pickens graduates and works on the Havana Motor Mile. This year the students shared that many of them will be working at Ed Bozarth Chevrolet, Schomp Subaru, Tynan’s and Gary’s Full Service Automotive Repair. Rolf will also be working with Schomp Automotive along the Havana Motor Mile to hire about 45 students next year.


Here are the names of the six 2019 graduates that were awarded the use of the Snap-On Tool cabinet and tools while they work on the Havana Motor Mile.

Amaya, Erik
Borunda, Joel
Guillen, Luis
Cameron, Gary
Mathew, Lopez
Paz, Daniel

This year we also awarded Brandon Walker a toolbox from a student that left the program before the 2 year mark.