How You Can Help Small Businesses Recover

August 13th, 2020

The world we’re slowly re-entering is much different than the one we lived in when we first went into quarantine months ago. While the impacts on daily life are obvious and far-reaching, it can sometimes be a little harder to notice the effects on your favorite businesses and restaurants. The economic hit many small businesses took during quarantine has forced a number of them to shut down, and those that remain open may be struggling more than it appears. If you’re looking for ways to help your favorite businesses On Havana and in the metro area to recover, here are a few ideas.


Support Them With Your Dollars

The negative economic impact can be reversed with an influx of economic support. If you’ve been able to continue working through the quarantine and have money to spare, one of the best things you can do right now is support small, locally-owned businesses with your money. At the end of the day, financial support is what they need to keep the lights on, keep the operation running, and keep providing the goods and services you love so much. The best part about spending at a small business? You know exactly where your money is going!


Spread the Word

Coronavirus has put a lot of people in difficult financial situations. If you’re working with a more limited budget, having lost a household income, or are making far less than you were in February, never fear. You can still support small businesses by spreading the word. Share their social media posts on your feed and in your stories. Tell your friends about them, send links to some of your favorite products, shout your praise for what they offer from the rooftops! You might even drum up a whole new customer base just by sharing your favorite things about them.


Visit Socially Distanced

In order to keep their doors open or re-open them, businesses are being asked to comply with the necessary guidelines to keep customers and patrons safe. A lot of these guidelines deal with social distancing and making sure everyone is wearing their face masks. You can help keep their business up and running and make their lives easier by following these guidelines well and encouraging others to do the same. The last thing small businesses need right now is another quarantine where they are forced to shut their doors for longer. Practicing safe social distancing prevents this from happening.


Order Online

If you’re still self-quarantining because of your personal risk or the risk of your loved ones, or you just feel more comfortable keeping the quarantine, see if you can order online. Some stores have taken to hosting Instagram sales, too, so don’t forget to check social media. If it’s a restaurant you’re missing, call and order takeout or delivery. So many restaurants have revamped their processes during COVID-19 to make getting your favorite comfort food easier than ever.


The small business world was hit hard, and the impact of this pandemic will be seen for months, and possibly years, to come. Supporting them as they recover is incredibly important – not only to the health of their business but to the health of our overall economy. However, you can rally behind your local companies, do so! And if you need a few new shops and restaurants to fall in love with, we’ve got you covered. Check out our directory for more.