Living Water Car Wash Coming in December to the On Havana Street Community!

November 24th, 2019

Experience Living Water Car Wash—Colorado’s premier express car wash! Living Water will be opening in early December, just in time to help you tackle that winter grime. Living Water is located on the northwest corner of Havana & Kentucky, just north of Mississippi and they are extremely excited to be joining the On Havana Street Community.


Stop by during their Grand Opening December 9-14 for a FREE Diamond Wash, as well as great discounts on Unlimited Memberships!


How is Living Water different from other car washes on Havana Street? 

Living Water is the only express exterior car wash in the area.  No long lines.  Just an outstanding wash and an amazing experience! With state-of-the-art STI Belt technology, their conveyor system is easier on you and your car.  The extra-wide, flat belts make loading and unloading simple, and can accommodate larger vehicles than a traditional chain system.  It’s also safer and causes no damage to tires, rims or suspension components. Living Water can wash vehicles up to 7’ 4” tall and 8’ wide, including duallys, which other express exteriors cannot.


Starting at only $8, express washes are all under 3 minutes and include free self-serve vacuums and mat cleaners to leave your car sparklingly clean inside and out! Strong, biodegradable soaps start tackling grime right away, making their sprayers and soft-touch brushes even more efficient.  They also offer undercarriage pre-soak and high-pressure sprayers to blast away dirt, grease, and Mag-Chloride residue. Join their Unlimited Membership and enjoy washes all month long for one low price.


Living Water cares about the environment so they recycle and reclaim more than 60% of the water used for every wash.  The unique design of the translucent polycarbonate building allows in that amazing Colorado sunlight, capturing heat and brightening the wash tunnel as your car is moved through.


Friendly, caring staff will brighten up your day and leave you smiling.  Living Water also offers fundraising opportunities because they believe giving back to local communities is a critical part of their success.


Living Water Car Wash will be the most refreshing part of your day!  Fast & easy, caring & convenient, they provide the best wash experience for you—and your car!  Stop by and give them a try!  They look forward to the privilege of serving you!


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