New Nanglo Bazaar Opens

May 6th, 2017

Nanglo Bazaar, House of Herbs & Spices, has opened in the Havana Exchange Shopping Center at 2720 S Havana, Unit E.  A nanglo is the flat, round woven tray made of bamboo used for winnowing rice and bean.  In Nanglo Bazaar you will find a wide range of herbs and spices used in Nepalese cuisine:  Aduwa (ginger), besar (tumaric), dalchini (cinnamon), kesas (saffron) & cardamom to name a few.

Celebrate Mother’s Day in Nepalese Style–“Mata Tirtha Ausi” is actually a tradition rather than a festival in Nepal when people pay homage to their mothers by presenting mom her favorite food, clothes or gifts.  Why not stop by Nanglo Bazaar for a special Nepalese recipe and all of the spices and supplies needed to make a special dinner for Mother’s Day this year.