Nile Ethiopian Restaurant Won 2018 BEST ETHIOPIAN RESTAURANT by the Westword

November 27th, 2018

Our very own Nile Ethiopian Restaurant won BEST ETHIOPIAN RESTAURANT for 2018!

Photo by Maureen Witten

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BEST ETHIOPIAN RESTAURANT  Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

Some Ethiopian restaurants in Denver are intimate and cozy — great for getting to know a cuisine without distraction. Then there’s the Nile, which is so raucous on weekends, you almost feel like you stumbled into a family wedding. But with big sampler platters that arrive as a mosaic of colorful stews atop spongy injera bread (the deep color is a sign that Ethiopian teff flour is the main ingredient), you can explore the vegetarian choices made with lentils or soft-cooked vegetables while still getting your fill of beef, lamb and chicken dishes like spicy, buttery kitfo (similar to tartare); complex, brick-red doro wot complete with hard-boiled eggs; and fiery lamb awaze, with tender cubes of meat in chili-like sauce. The Nile is a celebration of Ethiopia you won’t want to miss.

Readers’ Choice: Axum Restaurant

1951 S. Havana St., Aurora, 80014