On Havana Street Water Project Updates

December 28th, 2018

Here is an update from the City of Aurora’s AURORA WATER CAPITAL PROJECTS UPDATE

Here are 3 Projects on-going in the Havana Business Improvement District corridor:

2018‐2019 Waterline System Improvement Project With the help of the Operations Team, Engineering Services has identified a priority site on Havana Street, between East 1st and East 6th avenues. Work at this location has been elevated due to planned improvements at the old Fan Fare site and the need to improve water pressures. The priority location is on Havana Street, between East 1st and East 6th avenues. The balance of the work will be located between East 1st to East 3rd avenues and Dayton to Havana streets. Water Final touches on plans have been completed and were submitted to Public Works for review and approval on November 26. Easement acquisition is being addressed through Real Property and soil mitigation issues are being investigated through the State of Colorado, Division of Oil and Public Safety. Plans review by the City and County of Denver is in process for the Dayton Street and East 1st Avenue intersection.

31. III, V Havana Street 30″ Water Line Renewal Project This project follows the condition assessment that was completed in 2017 and will determine the best rehabilitation method and design for the water line renewal within Havana Street. The project is located on Havana Street between 1st Avenue and 6th Avenue. Water The 30″ pipeline renewal alternatives analysis meeting was held November 26 and the team picked a PVC slip lining alternative. The engineer will begin design work per the chosen alternative.

32. IV Westerly Creek/Canterbury Improvements Project (Canterbury Pond) A Major Drainage way Plan (MDP) was completed for Westerly Creek in 2015. Recommendations in the MDP included a detention pond in Canterbury Park (to the east of Kohl’s and Target)and additional channel improvements to help alleviate potential flooding along Westerly Creek. The project will include a hydrologic and hydraulic model and a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) to verify improvements are functioning as needed. Westerly Creek, between Florida and Mississippi avenues. Storm Water Project design alternatives have been prepared and are being reviewed by staff.

Here is the link to the PDF of the Water Project Updates: