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May 17th, 2022

Business Assessment

Take the guesswork out of sustainability with Small Business Energy Assessment from Xcel Energy! The assessments will help you understand your business’ energy use and provide energy efficiency opportunities that can help reduce utility bills and maintenance costs. They’ll also help you identify available rebates, connect with contractors, and provide information on financing larger projects.

If you’re interested in learning more, please fill out the form at and an Xcel Energy representative will reach out to you!

Electric Vehicles

Charge up your small business with support from Xcel Energy!

Xcel Energy is offering rebates to small business customers that are ready to install 1 to 3 EV charging ports at their place of business, including non-profits and multifamily residences. Rebates are designed to reduce upfront cost for installing EV chargers. We will help you get started and set you up with an advisor who will walk you through the process.

To work with our electric vehicle expert to power where you want to go, fill out the form at

Renewable Energy

Reduce your impact with these renewable energy programs provided by Xcel Energy!

Did you know a portion of the energy you use comes from renewable energy through Xcel Energy’s standard fuel mix? Xcel Energy has a vision for delivering 100% carbon-free electricity to customers by 2050. If you’re interested in doing more with renewable energy, explore the Xcel Energy programs below:

Sign-up and access wind-sourced energy to get more or all of your energy from renewable resources. As one of the nation’s largest voluntary renewable energy programs, Windsource is an easy, inexpensive way to make a difference. The subscription offers flexible enrollment and requires no equipment installation. Learn more here.

Participate in renewable offerings without installing solar panels on your business. This program gives you the opportunity to subscribe to a nearby, third-party community solar garden. To participate, you’ll need to work directly with a solar garden operator. Learn more here.

Interested in solar at your business? Sign up for this program and get credited for any excess energy you produce. The energy is added to Xcel Energy’s grid, and you get credit added to your account for future use. Learn more here.

See how you can add excess energy to the grid for future use when you produce your own solar energy. With this option, you retain the renewable energy credits from your system. Learn more here.


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