Pop-Up Rider Survey for Alameda Corridor Study

May 6th, 2024

Rider Survey • Take the survey • Give Your Ideas to Improve Transit Along Alameda and @onhavanastreet • @drcogorg @auroragov ➡️ • Estamos mejorando la Avenida Alameda. cuéntanos tus prioridades. Completa esta encuesta ➡️

Improve safety. • Improve transit. • Enhance connections to community destinations and integrate with the transportation network. • Make Alameda accessible to everyone regardless of age, race, income, gender or mobility needs. • Improve mobility along and across the corridor.

Ensure Alameda is a vibrant corridor that celebrates and supports equitable investments in its communities.

Photo: Sebastian and Chance at the Havana & Alameda RTD bus stop engaging with ridership on May 2, 2024.