A Reminder — Snow Removal from City Sidewalks

December 27th, 2016

We are sharing this article again this month because after our first 6-8 inch snow storm in December there were 31 commercial properties that did not remove snow from their walks along Havana even 48 hours after the snow stopped falling.  Most were contacted by Havana BID’s Executive Director, Gayle Jetchick, with a reminder. The excuses heard ranged from a new manager at the business who was unaware of the city’s snow removal code or that the property had a new common area maintenance (CAM) company that had not been informed that they needed to clear snow off of the sidewalk along Havana, rather than just from the parking lot and sidewalks leading up to the door at the business.

This is just a reminder that each property owner, BOTH commercial and residential, is responsible for clearing snow from the city sidewalks that abut their property within 24 hours after it has stopped snowing (or in a declared snow emergency, within 48 hours).  In other words, you as a property owner are responsible for snow removal from city sidewalks that run along Havana and other city streets that meet up with (abut) your property.  Many commercial property owners contract with a company to perform common area maintenance (CAM), and in those cases the commercial property owner should inform the CAM company about the requirement for snow removal from city sidewalks abutting their property.

Link to the City of Aurora Snow Removal Rules

HOT BUTTON ISSUE–SNOW REMOVAL BY BUS STOPS:  RTD only “maintains” (i.e. removes snow from) stops that have a bus shelter. If there is an RTD bus stop without a bus shelter (in other words a bus stop with only a bench and/or a sign) on the sidewalk that abuts your commercial or residential property, you as the property owner are responsible for removing snow from that sidewalk and around the bus stop.