Shi Miao Dao – Ten Seconds Rice Noodles with Kin Hang Lau 9NEWS Denver Feature & Interview

May 12th, 2023

Watch the 9NEWS Denver Feature Here.

The Havana Business Improvement District – On Havana Street hosted Kin Hang Lau with Shi Miao Dao – Ten Seconds Rice Noodles for a feature with 9NEWS Denver and an interview with news anchor Jordan Chavez and Erica Lopez on Friday, May 12, 2023.

We celebrated AANHPI month along Havana Street and are proud to be home to so MANY #aapiownedbusinesses and #aapirestaurants.

Lau featured his destination Hong Kong Chinese restaurant along On Havana Street. He shared that it’s often a destination for out of town skiers and snowboarders. After a day on the mountains many drive to South Havana Street in #auroraco to enjoy #hotpot and #tensecondsricenoodles at #shimiaodao

Ten Seconds Rice Noodles was founded in Denver back in 2019 by family friends, and his family purchased the Ten Seconds in 2022.

His family is from Hong Kong and wanted to bring more Hong Kong unique flavors to Denver, CO.

Today he shared the Pickled Pepper Rice Noodles, Spicy Mala Rice Noodles (beef rice noodles), and the NEW menu item, a Clay Pot Rice with mushroom chicken.

All of these signature dishes are popular and from SE China.

He also shared a few of their unique appetizers like the spicy cucumbers, spicy beef tendons, and their Chicken with spicy chili sauce #salivachicken

🧋Kin also shared the amazing Hong Kong milk teas, which were 9News staff favorites.

🍲Spicy Sirloin Rice Noodle
🍜Spicy Pickle Peppers with Beef Rice Noodles
🍲Clay Pot with mushroom chicken
🥒Spicy cucumbers
🥩Spicy Beef tendons
🍗Saliva chicken – cold chicken with spicy chili peanut sauce
🧋Milk teas included Hong Kong milk tea, honey dew milk tea, mango dragonfruit tea, Hong Kong Lemon, & Mango Sago

🌟 The Lau’s will also be at the Havana Street Global Markets this summer too! The 1st day market is 6/3 10-2pm and the 1st night market is 6/17 5-9pm #OnHavanaStreet @bonfireeventco

Shi Miao Dao offers specialty teas and custom noodle bowls.

Follow them on Instagram at @tensecondsdenver • Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodles
☎️ (720) 583-2839 • 📍2000 S Havana St, Aurora, CO
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