Sneak Peek at the NEW Art Mural at Lightshade On Havana Street

April 30th, 2022

Sneak peek 👀 at the 🌟 NEW 🌟 and first MURAL #OnHavanaStreet @lightshadehigh with @kirileigh7 • We are so excited!

@lightshadehigh #businessimprovementdistrict stakeholder inquired about our #districtidentity #publicart #art2C program in the #specialdistrict in late 2021 and the board of directors approved this mural collaboration in January 2022.

Check out the work of the mural artist at @kirileigh7

Visit @lightshadehigh at 📍503 S Havana Street

About the Artist

KiriLeigh Jones is a self-taught artist raised in the Bay Area of California. She picked up small, detailed illustration while working as a nail artist in San Francisco before relocating to Denver where it evolved from nails to mandala style art on paper. KiriLeigh started painting murals when a good friend asked her to paint a logo on the wall at their freshly renovated studio and it progressed from there. Whether it’s a wall mural or a sketch on paper, her goal is to create an experience through her art.

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