StevO’s Pizza & Ribs

March 1st, 2017

March is Mom & Pop Business month, featuring some of our very special family-owned businesses.  Steve Wieand and his family own and operate StevO’s Pizza & Ribs, which has turned into a very successful business thanks to some very creative marketing ideas.

StevO’s Pizza & Ribs
800 S Havana ST
Aurora CO  80012
Open 24 hours a day and they deliver!

StevO’s Pizza provides oven-fresh pizzas and real smoked BBQ.  They make their dough fresh daily and hand toss it, old style!  They use old fashioned deck ovens (no conveyor belts) to make that awesome crispy crust you remember from long ago.  They smoke their own ribs and brisket in a real meat smoker that Steve created from an old VW beetle car body.  They use black walnut and oak in the smoker to achieve that great BBQ flavor.  Check out their full menu on their website.

Steve is quite the marketer!  Some of the décor for his restaurant came from an old drive-in movie theatre in the area that Steve frequented growing up.  Steve had always dreamed of having his own pizza restaurant but wanted to stand out from the pack.  He has quite the collection of unique vehicles that he uses as his own daily drivers, as well as pizza and rib delivery vehicles.  You have probably seen StevO’s VW Bug delivery vehicle with the Mohawk hair do.  This is a classic 1972 Super Beetle with a 34″ custom lift and 38″ Super-Swamper Tires.  The Super Bug has a 3.8 liter V6 under the hood.  Steve is a welder by trade, so he has been able to customize the vehicles in his collection himself.  There is the Scooby Do Mystery Machine Van and the Delivery Hearse with the scary fangs on the grill.  Steve’s latest vehicle is the “magic bus,” an old classic school bus that he is in the process of renovating, including “burners” on the back of the bus.

Steve is a member of the Denver Hearse Club and will be hosting the 2017 HearseCon “Decay and Shine” Show in his parking lot the weekend of June 3.  Steve is expecting about 80 customized hearses to participate in HearseCon this year.  You need to stop by and check it out!  Steve has perfected his pizzas and always delights the crowd with unique pizza varieties at our Community Pizza Party at the July rose garden concert.  That concert is set for July 25, 2017–see the separate event listing on this website.