Sun Shade Giveaway at Cruzin’ Havana on June 10, 2017

March 25th, 2017

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Cruzin’ Havana and to support and promote the businesses along the Havana Motor Mile, we have ordered 1,000 custom vehicle sun shades.  We are working with one of our Havana District business district businesses, Herrada Printing at 1555 S Havana, on this order.  Mark at Herrada was able to get us great pricing, and he has also stepped up to pay for logo imprints on the carrying case that comes with each sun shade.

The sun shades are the pop out style in reflective silver with the Havana Motor Mile Logo printed in jet black.  They come in a round carrying case with a handle.  We will have 500 of these sun shades available at the poker run booth at the Stampede/Waterpark festival site on June 10 for Cruzin’ Havana.  To get one of these 500 sun shades & carrying case, simply make a purchase at any Havana District restaurant or business on the day of the cruise and bring the receipt to the poker run booth at the Stampede Waterpark Festival Site to get your sun shade (while supplies last).  For example, eat lunch at one of our restaurants while you are here for Cruzin’ Havana and bring the receipt to the Stampede/Waterpark poker run booth to pick up a sun shade (while they last).

The other 500 Havana Motor Mile sun shades will be divided evenly between the car dealers to place in the windshields of vehicles in the front row of their display lots along Havana on June 10 for Cruzin’ Havana.  The remainder of sun shades will be available at Havana Auto Parts (the “Presented By” sponsor of Cruzin Havana) by showing a receipt of a purchase made at any business or restaurant along Havana on June 10.  When we run out of the sun shades at the poker run booth, you can visit the car dealerships along Havana to pick one up (while supplies last) and see the huge selection of new and preowned vehicles that are available in our Havana Motor Mile dealerships.  Thank you for supporting our Havana District businesses.