Thank you to our On Havana Street Volunteers who helped distribute a pallet of Halloween Candies

October 26th, 2018

We are so grateful to all of the volunteers who helped distribute Halloween candies on October 25, 2018.

We had 11 volunteers and distributed all the candies in 30 minutes.

We appreciate your time and help distributing candies to 35 shops at The Gardens on Havana to prepare for the October 27, 2018 Trick or Treat event.

Thank you for always supporting The Havana Business Improvement District.

BIG Thank you to
• Andrew @themathesallstateagency

• Alaina Riggs GM @gibbys

• Nancy & Kayla @shortagency

• Jody Mohr owner of @familydollar

• Finn Ruehrdanz @ColoradoRapidsYouthSoccerClub

• Donovan & Char Welsh @HavanaAutoParts @HavanaMachine

• John & Gayle Jetchick