The New York Times visits On Havana Street’s Global Corridor

July 3rd, 2018

If Demographics Are Destiny, Why Can’t Democrats Win This Denver District?

AURORA, Colo. — In the fast-changing political battleground that is suburban Denver, Somali families dine on goat soup and fish fritters in a onetime Chinese restaurant where golden dragons still guard the doorways.

Where the English Teacup cafe once stood, a new Japanese dessert bar now stays open late, selling green tea soft-serve and fish-shaped pastries to lines of Korean and Latino teenagers.

And up and down Havana Street, auto lots once run by the likes of Dealin’ Doug are now Ethio-Motors, Maaliki Motors and Jordan Motors — names that reflect the new owners and new customers who are part of a hyperspeed transformation of this old stretch of suburbia. It has become a mile-high United Nations, where 160 languages can be heard in public-school hallways and nearly one in five people is foreign-born.

If demographics really were destiny, this place would be a gold mine for the Democratic Party’s efforts to reap political gains from an increasingly diverse and nonwhite America.

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