Top 50 Places to Eat in Denver

October 29th, 2021

Photo of Hong Kong Station on Yelp

It’s no secret that Denver’s culinary scene is on the rise. Dare we say a Mile High? Over the last year and a half, local eateries have exemplified their resilience to change at the drop of a dime. From meal kits to government regulations to in-house delivery, local restaurants have gone above and beyond to serve us — establishing themselves as the trusted and reliable backbone of communities around the country.

Why a Top 50 list? To be frank, to celebrate the small mom & pop restaurants that make Denver a culinary destination. For geographic diversity, we expanded the list to the Greater Denver Area to include foodie hubs like Aurora, with smaller neighborhoods scattered all around. Take a look at the Top 5 for example, where you’ll discover Chinese takeout, fried chicken, hot pot, vegetarian and Burmese cuisine. This list is a true representation of Denver’s established, yet growing dining scene—diverse, progressive, and of course, delicious.

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Methodology: This is a list of the top places to eat in Denver. We identified the top places to eat in the restaurants and food categories, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews between January 1, 2021 and October 1, 2021. This list looked at the top places in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, Westminster, Littleton, Englewood, and Centennial. All businesses were marked open on Yelp as of October 2021. When available, all businesses on this list have a passing health score as of October 2021.

Photo of Kickin Chicken by Dennis Y. on Yelp
  1. Hong Kong Station — Centennial, CO
  2. Kickin Chicken — Lakewood, CO
  3. Old Town Hot Pot — Aurora, CO
  4. Somebody People — Denver, CO
  5. Urban Burma — Aurora, CO
  6. Marco’s Coal Fired — Denver, CO
  7. Tokyo Premium Bakery — Denver, CO
  8. La Reyna Azteca Tacos Y Tortas — Denver, CO
  9. Tatsu Izakaya — Denver, CO
  10. Harley’s: A Hot Dog Revolution — Littleton, CO
  11. Guard and Grace — Denver, CO
  12. Istanbul Cafe and Bakery — Denver, CO
  13. Spice Room | Neighborhood Indian Bistro — Denver, CO
  14. Seoul Mandoo — Aurora, CO
  15. Bosphorus — Englewood, CO
  16. The Rotary — Denver, CO
  17. Anise, Modern Vietnamese Eatery — Denver, CO
  18. Safta — Denver, CO
  19. Taste of Denmark — Lakewood, CO
  20. Banh Mi Station — Denver, CO
  21. D’Corazon — Denver, CO
  22. Turtle Boat — Denver, CO
  23. Golden Saigon — Aurora, CO
  24. Aloy Modern Thai — Denver, CO
  25. Goku Hibachi Express — Aurora, CO
Photo of Somebody People by Jessica D. on Yelp
  1. Monsoon Cuisine of India — Aurora, CO
  2. Wildflower — Denver, CO
  3. Fish N Beer — Denver, CO
  4. Coriander — Denver, CO
  5. Pho & Bar — Denver, CO
  6. Fortune Wok to Table — Denver, CO
  7. Sam’s No. 3 — Denver, CO
  8. Kiké’s Red Tacos — Denver, CO
  9. Tavernetta — Denver, CO
  10. Santos Cafe & Mexican Grill — Denver, CO
  11. Pearl of Siam — Aurora, CO
  12. Blue Pan Pizza — Denver, CO
  13. GQue Championship BBQ — Westminster, CO
  14. Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar — Denver, CO
  15. Temaki Den — Denver, CO
  16. Hey Bangkok! — Denver, CO
  17. Famille — Westminster, CO
  18. ZOMO Asian + American Eatery — Englewood, CO
  19. La Loma — Denver, CO
  20. Yak and Yeti Restaurant & Brewpub — Arvada, CO
  21. Makizushico — Littleton, CO
  22. Little Beast Street Food — Denver, CO
  23. Mondo’s Pizza — Aurora, CO
  24. Angelo’s Taverna — Denver, CO
  25. Spuntino — Denver, CO
Photo of Old Town Hot Pot on Yelp

As businesses continue to update their hours and information in this ever-changing time, be sure to double-check their Yelp page before visiting. Want to have this list of 50 hidden gems in your back pocket? Download the Yelp app and follow our Collection of Top 50 Places to Eat in Denver.


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