Upscale Wendy’s and McDonald’s Opening Soon On Havana Street

February 1st, 2017

“Image Activation” at Wendy’s:  Out with the dumpy and dated & in with the sleek and contemporary!  Wendy’s at 1255 S Havana has a new owner who is putting big bucks into the restaurant.  Wendy’s is undergoing a major remodel.  The new dining room should be opening soon.  Nationally over the last couple of years, Wendy’s has launched an “image activation” plan transforming older, dated Wendy’s dining rooms, giving them fresh looks with updated seating.  The dining room will feature WIFI and flat screen TVs.

According to the Restaurant Finance Monitor, the Company’s goal is to remodel 85 percent of company owned units and 35 percent of franchisee owned units.  A typical Wendy’s remodel costs $450,000-650,000.

Keeping up with the times at McDonald’s:  Very soon you will see a major renovation taking place in the dining room at McDonald’s at The Gardens on Havana.  You will see a sleek, contemporary new look and updated technology including touch screen ordering pad at the tables.  McDonald’s has already started table service, delivering your food to your table, but in the future you will be able to place your order from the touch pad at your table, too.

McDonald’s has rolled out six new styles across the country.  The styles are called Allegro, Craft, Simple Modern, Fresh and Vibrant, Form, and Living Room.  The exact style that will be applied to the McDonald’s at The Gardens on Havana is being kept top secret…even the manager has not been told.  We hear that renovation of the dining room will begin sometime in February, but McDonald’s drive thru will remain open during construction.  Construction is expected to take about 6 weeks.