Zounds Hearing

May 11th, 2012

Featured Business:  Zounds Hearing

Business Address: 1155 S Havana ST, #53, Aurora CO 80012
Business Phone:  303-745-5900
Business Website:
Owner’s Name:   Jeff Grebe
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Where is the owner from originally and what made them pick Havana Street for their business?
The founder of Zounds, Sam Thomasson, had promised his hearing-impaired teenage daughter that he would revolutionize the world of hearing aids as many people know it. He sure accomplished that goal in founding Zounds and revolutionizing hearing aid technologies! The owners of this Zounds location have lived in Colorado for most of their lived, while the company itself is based in Arizona. Zounds got lucky when these great Colorado residents/business owners decided to open up shop on Havana Street! The choice to place Zounds on Havana Street was based on the location and convenience, in addition to the demographics in this part of Aurora. Each and every person who visits Zounds for their hearing needs, whether mild, moderate or severe, can find high performance equipment at an affordable price. Whether you have lost hearing over the years, or are a swimmer or a rock star who plays your music up loud, Zounds has plenty of options to suit your needs!
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