Aurora TV Features NEW Toy Store in Aurora, CO – Monkey Paw Toys On Havana Street

July 5th, 2023

Monkey Paw Toys on Havana St

Meet Lewis Warren! He’s a toy collector, entrepreneur, and disability advocate. He owns Monkey Paw Toys, a place for hobbyists and nerds to come together. Lewis, who has cerebral palsy, was hesitant to start his business but with the help of some encouraging friends and the city’s Small Business Development Center, he was able to make his dream of a brick and mortar possible. Monkey Paw Toys prides itself on having those hard-to-find collectibles at reasonable prices! They also buy, sell, and trade! Check out the shop and Lewis in person at 1555 S Havana St Unit G on Havana Street.

Watch the Feature Here: