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bb.q Chicken

2495 S Havana St, Ste H, Aurora, CO 80014
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  • Minority Owned
  • Asian Owned


  • In-Store


*Soft Opening TBD at the Village on the Park

Coming Soon – Spring 2022

Unfortunately the soft opening date of March 7, 2022 has been delayed.


Established in 1995, bb.q Chicken’s visions to always provide the most delicious and healthiest premium chicken in the world. bb.q Chicken is continually motivated to prepare and share only the best flavors with you as our brand name.
BBDOTQ USA was founded in the USA in 2014, with a vision to be the best chicken franchise restaurant business in the USA. In order to successful Training Institution and R&D System of Genesis BBQ Group, we have served our flexible businesses models in the USA.


Research & Development
Research & Development
World’s first Chicken University with over 30 researchers with PH. D & Master degree
Training Center
Training Center
The world’s one and only professional educational institution of F&B business
Education Training
Education Training
Comprehensive training and assistance, both before you open and once your restaurant is operational
Operations & Supply Chain
Operations & Supply Chain
HQ’s operation team and R&D team will take a long-term business trip to support successful start…
Site Development
Site Development
Our outstanding site selection team will help you and your real estate partner tochoose the store site based
Design & Construction
Design & Construction
Provide design information and guidance that best fits the location and business model


Food Allergy Notice: Please be advised that food prepared here may contain these ingredients
– Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Soybean, Peanuts, Tree nuts

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